Alliance Concrete Pumps Inc. was founded in 2002 shortly after Ken Friesen (President) and Mike Enns (National Sales Manager) got together to discuss the possibility of a new business that would distribute Jun Jin Concrete Pumps throughout Canada and the USA.
Alliance Concrete Pumps

Mike Enns had worked with the owners and management of Jun Jin for 2 years prior to their meeting and had developed respect and confidence not only for the product but also for Jun Jin as a company. Ken Friesen, an Entrepreneur at heart, was excited about the thought of a new business related to the manufacturing of Concrete Pumps. Ken owned a large construction business and was in real estate and property development. Concrete pumps had been used on his jobsites and development properties for years and he was intrigued by them. After many discussions about what the business could look like Ken headed off to South Korea with business plans in hand to acquire the distributorship for North America from Jun Jin. Ken met with the owners of Jun Jin and shared his business plans with them, they hit it off immediately and they liked what Ken had to say. Jun Jin threw an unexpected twist at Ken that came as a welcomed surprise. The ownership group at Jun Jin suggested that rather than just a distributor agreement for North America they should consider forming a partnership instead, and jointly own the new business. After having a negative experience with their previous North American dealer, Jun Jin decided that North America was too important to leave entirely in the hands of a separate company; they wanted a partnership where they could be involved in the growth and direction of their product.

In August 2002 Alliance Concrete Pumps Inc. was formed and immediately Ken and Mike started to hunt for a location that would accommodate the mounting and servicing of the Jun Jin machines. It didn’t take long to find the right facility; a lease was signed on a 10,000 square foot shop with office space and a spacious yard. While the newly rented office and shop space was being re-configured to suite Alliance’s needs, Clayton White (now General Manager) was hired for an administrative role to help set up the company. Back in Korea Jun Jin prepared and shipped 3 machines over to Canada. They sent over two 36 meters and one 33 meter.

By the end of the first fiscal year, Alliance had made great strides in establishing itself with pump sales that matched Ken and Mike’s original market predictions. Part way through the first year, a group of Canadian businessmen that Ken had dealt with for years, took an interest in Alliance. Early one morning Ken was having coffee with Larry Koop, Wes Koop and Arvid Rabel who owned a number of businesses (including a well-established concrete ready mix business). Ken shared the details of his latest start-up business and the group had an instant appetite to invest. Ken and Mike welcomed the experience and resources this group had to offer. Immediately they went to work spurring the rapid growth and expansion of this new venture. In just a few short years Alliance managed to grow quickly and become the Number 1 selling brand of Concrete Pumps in Canada and quickly took the Number 3 spot in the US. In 2005 Alliance purchased 10 acres and developed plans to build its current company headquarters in Aldergrove, British Columbia.

With the new, West Coast facility under construction Alliance saw the need to have a presence in the US and thought the East Coast was the right strategic location to serve the customer needs. In February 2006 Alliance signed a lease for a building with warehouse and office space in Skippack, Pennsylvania and Clayton White relocated to start the Eastern US Branch.

Concrete Pump and parts sales were now soaring; in 2007 Alliance was nominated by their Corporate Bank to enter the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year awards. There was stiff competition from some very aggressive companies, but Alliance came out on top to win the Emerging Entrepreneur Award for the top company in Western Canada (in business for 5 years or less).

October of 2008 was a game changer. Production had stayed steady for years, then the sub-prime mortgage issues started to surface in 2007 and things started to trickle off a bit. By 2009 the tap had shut off and things came to a grinding halt. There was a shift in focus; there were too many pumps on the market and pump prices plummeted. Alliance stepped things up in the recession by increasing and expanding their parts department and focusing on service. Alliance held its financial strength and started to buy back many of the pumps they had originally sold to customers who were now struggling to make payments. Because of what Alliance was able to do, many customers that would have had machines repossessed were able to unload their equipment and come out of those purchases with their credit intact.

Between 2009 and 2012 Alliance’s facility became somewhat of a re-furb center, and the machines that they repurchased were fixed, rebuilt, repainted and resold. Due to Alliance’s repurchase efforts, very few used Alliance pumps ever went to auction and resale values & ease of resale remained among the best in the industry.

In 2013 the rebuilding of the new pump production line at Alliance is in full swing. The demand for the Alliance product is high because customers have seen the quality of the equipment and the support throughout the difficult times. A commitment that went above and beyond any manufacturer through one of America’s most difficult economic times.

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